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How Old Is the Mandalorian? Answered

He's already lived through 6 of the 9 Skywalker Saga films

Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin wielding the Darksaber in The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian season 3 will premiere see the return of Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin (a.k.a. The Mandalorian). Since the show’s premiere in 2019, Djarin has become a fan favorite in the Star Wars universe. So much so, Djarin even stole the show from Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) during his guest appearance in The Book of Boba Fett. It’s fascinating that a masked-up character, whose face viewers almost never see, manages to resonate so deeply.

Pascal adds a good deal of heart and depth to the Mandalorian through his masterful performance. Viewers are instantly touched when this seemingly-hardened bounty hunter proves to have a soft spot for a little child-like creature named Grogu. His likability only grows as his story further unravels. Viewers sympathize with his childhood as an orphan. He’s raised as a Mandalorian despite being an outsider and feels a deep sense of duty and loyalty to his clan.

Considering that The Mandalorian is canon, the wider Star Wars universe has also adds depth to Djarin’s character through the events he lived through and experienced, including the Clone Wars and the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire. While his life experiences likely shaped much of his disposition, his age may also have something to do with his composure and fatherly instincts towards Grogu.

How old is the Mandalorian?

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) kneels in the snow alongside Grogu in an image from 'The Mandalorian.'

Djarin’s age has not been directly confirmed in The Mandalorian so far. However, based on the show’s timeline and some other background information, we can make a pretty good estimate. The biggest indication of Djarin’s age is given in The Mandalorian season 1, episode 8, “Redemption.” This was the season’s finale, and it revealed Djarin’s name for the first time (he was previously referred to only as The Mandalorian), as well as his backstory.

In a flashback, we see a young Djarin living on the planet Aq Vetina during the Clone Wars in 19 BBY (before the Battle of Yavin). Unfortunately, his village came under attack by Separatist battle droids, and both of his parents were killed shortly after hiding him. Droids quickly found Djarin’s hiding spot and nearly killed the young boy, until the Mandalorians swooped in and saved him. They then took Djarin in as a foundling and raised him as a Mandalorian in the tribe.

Meanwhile, The Mandalorian takes place 5 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, which would put the year at 9 ABY (after the Battle of Yavin). This means 28 years passed between the flashback and the present day. His age in the flashback is unknown. But the actor who portrayed young Djarin, Aidan Bertola, was about 10 years old at the time. So, assuming Djarin was around 8 or 10 years old in the flashback, he would be about 36 to 38 years old in The Mandalorian.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian drops on March 1st on Disney+. What adventures will Djarin and Grogu get up to this time?

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