Taylor Swift cut songs from Eras Movie

This Is Why It Doesn’t Make Sense Not To Be a Swiftie

Less so today than a few years ago, but it’s considered to be cool to dislike Taylor Swift. Just look at some of the reactions to Spotify Wrapped to find people who somehow still think it’s the height of comedy to poke fun at people’s music choices. Hilarious, I guess?

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Ultimately though, Taylor was the most streamed artist of 2023 on Spotify, meaning that the vast majority of people who listen to music like her music. And you know why? Because there’s just so much of it—and that means there’s something for everyone.

She’s nothing if not prolific

In total, Taylor Swift has released 243 songs—and we know she’s written more than that because she keeps pulling more and more out of her vault. This covers ten original studio albums (no re-releases included), each with their own unique era.

By comparison, Queen never broke the 200 mark in terms of songs released, while The Beatles released a respectable 213 songs, made up of 188 originals and 25 covers. Looking at some of Taylor’s contemporaries, Beyonce has released 176 songs, while Harry Styles (admittedly with a relatively short solo career) has released just 31.

All in all, Taylor has sold an estimated 114 million album units worldwide—not too shabby if you ask me. The variety in her back catalogue is how she appeals to so many. We’ve got heartfelt ballads on Fearless, boppy hits on 1989, her bad-girl rock-ish era in reputation, and the acoustic soul of folklore and evermore, to name just a few.

No matter what your music taste, there’ll be something in her albums to tickle your pickle (as proven by the fact that 2023 was the year Taylor Swift made it into my heavy-metal-loving partner’s Spotify Wrapped). If an album hasn’t hooked you yet, it probably just hasn’t come out yet but you can bet she’s working on it. We’ll all be Swifties one day or another, so just wait until your turn comes.

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