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Taylor Swift Won Most-Streamed Spotify Artist of 2023, Gave Us All A Little Treat

Taylor Swift in a blue dress on stage performing, holding her hands to her mouth to blow a kiss to the audience.

Taylor Swift’s hits just keep coming, as she was named both Apple Music’s Artist of the Year, and now she’s the most streamed artist in the U.S.—and the world—on Spotify.

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I’m not exactly surprised. This has been the year of the Swiftie. Our gal Taylor has had a record-breaking global tour. A record-shattering movie based on said tour. Plus, she’s released two albums just this year alone. Granted, they were re-records of her previous albums, but it still counts. This doesn’t even take into account that she somehow managed to make a 6-year-old song that wasn’t even a leading single off a record that came out three original albums ago, into a number-one hit. (“Cruel Summer” is an absolute banger, though, so I am not surprised. It also happened to be the sixth most streamed song in the U.S. on Spotify this year.) In short, Taylor is booked and busy, and that hard work is clearly paying off.

Personally, I did my part. I am not ashamed (OK, maybe a little embarrassed) to share my Swift listening minutes totaled by Apple Music this year so far is in excess of 16,000. (Notice how I said so far because there’s still a month to go in the year.) The top 10 of my most listened-to songs were Swift, except for one, a hit from one of the openers on her Eras tour. (Gayle, “ABCEDFU”, if you were wondering.)

2023 is clearly Swift’s year, and she’s sharing the success, so to speak, by rewarding us all with a new(ish) song release to stream as a little treat for our devotion:

Here’s the announcement in full:

Um ok this is unreal?? I just wanted to say to anyone who listened to my music this year, anywhere in the world, thank you. Getting named Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023 is truly the best birthday/holiday gift you could’ve given me. We’ve seriously had THE MOST fun this year out there on tour and now this. Are you serious. So I was trying to think of a way to thank you, and a lot of you have been asking me to put “You’re Losing Me (From The Vault)” on streaming… so here you go! You can finally listen EVERYWHERE now ?

That’s right, friends, we’ve been rewarded for our loyalty with the streaming release of “You’re Losing Me (From the Vault).” The breakup song, from what I believe to be a breakup album, but your mileage may vary here.

You may recall the song was released for a brief window earlier this year, and then squirreled away, only to be heard on the hard-to-obtain Midnights Late Night Edition CD that you could only get in person at an Eras show. However, it is vaulted no more. Now it can be enjoyed to your heart’s content on the streaming platform of your choice, although probably not in time to make your 2023 Spotify Wrapped playlist. Don’t worry, just think of this as practice for next year. Who knows, by that time, Taylor Swift may have taken over the world, and all music will be Taylor Swift music. Dystopian or Utopian future? I guess only you can decide that one, friend.

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