Shadowheart holding Bing Bong and defending him against Lae'zel.

How Bing Bong the Imp Won Over the ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Community

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EDITOR’s NOTE 12/4/2023: Bing Bong’s status in the game has changed as of this week.

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If you’re engaging with the Baldur’s Gate 3 fandom online, you may have seen a character mentioned that you haven’t come across in game. That’s Bing Bong. This character is not an obscure, off the beaten path NPC like BOOOAL. But it’s just as understandable why you might feel like you’re missing out. Unlike BOOOAL, The Mysterious Cow, and others, Bing Bong is actually not in the game. But that doesn’t mean he’s never met the main cast of Origin Characters and Tavs.

On Friday September 22, the Dungeons and Dragon’s YouTube account High Rollers DnD hosted a Larian Studios-sponsored campaign with the Origin Characters voice actors. This included Gale (Tim Downie), Astarion (Neil Newbon), Lae’zel (Devora Wilde), Karlach (Samantha Béart), Wyll (Theo Solomon), and Shadowheart (Jennifer English). While BG3 narrator Amelia Tyler sight-read the prologue (and other parts), Higher Rollers’ Mark Hulmes served as the Dungeon Master. Over two livestreams, Hulmes guided the story while simultaneously teaching this game to new players at the table. It’s here where the cast of characters met the devilish imp Bing Bong.

**Slight spoilers for High Rollers Presents: Shadows of Athkatla**

Fans want Bing Bong

Bing Bong’s introduction came near the end of the first livestream/episode. After arriving in Athkatla, the party decided to split up and search for clues across the city. Probably knowing it would be entertaining as hell, Shadowheart and Lae’zel headed towards the marketplace, Waukeem’s Promenade, as a team. That’s where they came across Bing Bong. The small red imp wore a blue cap and acted as a sort-of doorman for an out of place big-box store called “Adventurers’ Mart.” While Shadowheart immediately grew fond of the creature, Lae’zel’s patience grew thin. (Best depicted by the top illustration by @RainLoneslum!)

Both struggled to communicate with Bing Bong due to a lack in proficiency in the infernal language. However because Shadowheart likes animals and small creatures—and he didn’t pry into her personal life—she took in the imp. The BG3 community quickly fell in love with the character. Fan art of Bing Bong flooded the internet the same day. Even if you never watched the livestream, you’ve likely seen Bing Bong online while engaging in the BG3 fandom. Some of these illustrations, animations, and comics include scenes from the livestream, while others made their own stories. Many depict Shadowheart and Lae’zel bickering over the creature. Some of my favorites of Team Bae’zel include her regretfully growing attached to the creature similarly to the dynamics of Joel/Ellie (The Last of Us) or Din Djarin/Grogu (The Mandalorian).

I’m not quite sure how this would work, but many have demanded that Larian add Bing Bong into DLC. (Currently, Larian stated they’re not looking to do DLC, but will announce this if things change.) Some have taken to summoning a quasit (using the scroll found in Act 1) or imp familiar to act as their in-game Bing Bong for the time being. Also, Shadowheart cosplayers like Amy Milburn are working the side-kick into their costumes.


Unfortunately, Bing Bong left the material plane too soon as he was murdered in the heat of the final battle. Lae’zel/Wilde made him an improvised weapon, throwing him at a major boss to break their concentration on a spell against Karlach. That damage destroyed him on impact, sending Bing Bong back to his master in the Nine Hells. Because the session ran out of time, there was no moment of solace to reflect on his passing. So, it happened online.

Tyler recorded a eulogy for the imp and uploaded it to her YouTube channel featuring art from @Calliclassic. Mourning over the infernal creature can be found under hashtags like #byebyebingbong. Not everyone processes grief the same way so some are a riot.

Additionally, English and her girlfriend (and former BG3 castmate) Aliona Baranova, hosted a memorial service on YouTube. They included send off images and directed others to the services with music (not theirs). Featured speakers included the DM Hulmes and the murderer herself, Lae’zel.

@jenniferjenglish A statement from Jennifer English #fyp #baldursgate3 #bg3 #bg3fam? #shadowheart #shadowheartbg3 #jenniferenglish #shadowzel #justiceforbingbong #laezel #dungeonsanddragons #dnd ♬ original sound – Jennifer English

It’s become an in-joke between players and some have created headcannons that Bing Bong’s untimely death is the source of Lae’zel and Shadowheart’s interactions in the game. However, this murder has probably forever changed the group. Also, players began to point to the first time you engage with hellish imps in the game as being the tutorial where you and Lae’zel must kill them. So, she’s never had much love for these creatures since possibly first seeing them in the nautiloid.

(feature image: artist @RainLoneslum)

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