House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

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The Republicans in the House of Representatives (plus 10 Democrats) voted to defund Planned Parenthood in an attempt to “cut spending” and “end federal funding for abortion.” But in a case for the Department of Redundancy Department, Planned Parenthood was already not using federal funds for abortion under Title X, which funds other reproductive health services that aren’t abortion. So, if you’re keeping score, Republicans voted to take away federal funding for abortion that didn’t exist in the first place. Instead, defunding Planned Parenthood means stripping women of the other health services they provide, including mammograms, cancer screenings, HIV tests, and contraceptives.

Aren’t you glad the GOP has kept its promise to fix the economy, find people jobs, and get the country back on track?

This is an empty gesture. Not only is it unlikely to go through the Senate, but President Obama will veto it. This is posturing. This is purely a way for conservatives to pander to their base. They say they’re keeping promises, and they’re not. Even the Tea Party, the ones who helped them take over the House, do not think social issues are a priority. The Tea Party, as polarizing as they may be, wants spending to go down. Are some of them going to be happy about the GOP cutting Planned Parenthood? Probably. A lot of them are socially conservative. But these are people who want to see the IRS taken down, the Department of Education. At the risk of sounding like a deficit hawk, defunding Planned Parenthood to curb spending is like denying someone sprinkles when they need to stop eating ice cream every night. Small potatoes.

Abortion is an extremely sensitive issue that is funny when talked about by teenage pop stars. But when politicians bring it up, it gets scary, because they do hold the power. And had this been a priority during the Bush presidency, it would have passed with flying colors. That would have been time to worry. But right now, despite breathless claims that abortion is akin to slavery, this was a stunt, pure and simple. The GOP are flying their conservative, theocratic flag. But they are not the party in power. And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (that’s the Democratic majority), despite being anti-choice, will not bring this to the Senate floor for a vote. It just won’t happen.

We can relax. And we can also check off one more item to which the GOP is directing all their effort that isn’t the economy. Good job, guys.

(Huffington Post)

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