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Street Fighter V‘s Pre-Order Costume Designs Look Amazing, Especially “Hot Ryu”


Folks have been mocking the Street Fighter V character designs since moment one, deriding the upcoming game’s cartoonish style as play-dough, especially the characters’ hair-styles. This new batch of alternate character designs for SFV, available as a pre-order bonus at North American retailers, provides some incredible new hair-style options (and costumes, but mostly amazing hair-styles) for Ryu, Cammy, Chun-Li and M. Bison. Ryu’s alternate has a beard, and his new look has taken Twitter by storm; search for “Hot Ryu” right now if you want to see the hilarity in action.

This Solid Snake-meets-Joel-from-The Last of Us version of Ryu (with a touch of Ron Swanson’s eyebrows, perhaps) may be the most popular new design, but here’s a look at Chun-Li’s new hairstyle:


Cammy’s also wearing her hair down, but rather than using braids to keep the front-pieces out of her face, she’s donned a pair of goggles:


M. Bison also has a beard in his alternate design, but it’s an appropriately evil goatee:


If you ask me, pre-ordering Street Fighter V is worth it if only to enjoy participating in the multiplayer beta events, which I’ve been getting a kick out of (and getting my ass kicked by) for the past few days. The only downside to this announcement is that you’ll only get one out of these four costumes as a reward for your pre-order, and it’s all dependent upon where you make your purchase: Gamestop will give you the Hot Ryu design, the PlayStation store gives you Chun-Li’s costume, Best Buy offers Cammy’s goggles, and Amazon has dibs on M. Bison’s goatee. Choose wisely!

(via Capcom)

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