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Honest Trailer of Star Trek Into Darkness, the Movie Old Spock Totally Didn’t Warn Us About

Prepare for the all-new sequel to the franchise reboot based on the sequel to the original franchise.

Screen Junkies takes on Star Trek Into Darkness: a movie that, despite good critical reception, was wildly flawed.

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I can’t be the only one wondering why J.J. Abrams substituted a half-naked blonde for anything resembling suspense, or if it was a mistake to give an actor as good as Benedict Cumberbatch a villain with a somewhat reasonable and sympathetic backstory (also, superblood), or if it were really necessary to keep all the stuff from the old movies and pair it with the same exact moral as the 2009 version.

Also, anyone else wish we could have at least seen a bit more of the crew in scenes that didn’t involve total and complete abandonment of all logic?

Warning: Keep an eye out for the lens flares supercut, because if you have epilepsy, you might die.

(via LaughingSquid, image via Miguel Angel Aranda)

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