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Honest Trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine Makes Us Wish We All Had Amnesia [Video]

It would be like this movie never happened. Also, X-Men III.

As we all allow ourselves tentative stirrings of hope that The Wolverine will be super awesome, reminding us all why Wolverine is definitely one of the top five X-Men, and why I’m in love with Hugh Jackman, we should take a moment to remember that movie that was supposed to be The One. ScreenJunkies were kind enough to take the wheel, lowering our expectations for this weekend in under four minutes. Honestly, if we could maybe just go back in time ourselves to before someone decided to irrevocably torture all X-Men fans, rewriting continuity in a completely inexplicable way — without any kickass battles to make up for it — that would be all right, too.

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