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Holy Sue, Batman! TMS Plays ​Batman: The Telltale Series​ Episode 1.2 (Part II)

Our Let’s Play through Telltale Games’ Batman adventure game continues, with our latest episode featuring the second half of the second chapter of the game’s first episode. Confusing? Yes, yes it is. If you want to get caught up on everything we’ve played so far, in order, just watch this playlist on our YouTube channel!

Last week, we saw Bruce Wayne hosting a campaign party for his pal Harvey Dent. It went well, until Falcone showed up and pulled Bruce aside to make some vague threats about his capacity to rig the election, either for or against Harvey, depending on whether Harvey Dent is willing to be a political puppet on his behalf. Bruce told Falcone that he doesn’t want to work with him, even if it means guaranteeing a win for Harvey. Harvey wasn’t included on this conversation, by the way … and it doesn’t look like Bruce is going to tell him about it, either, because this episode opens up with Bruce descending into his Batcave.

Bruce boots up his computer and the game finally offers us a title screen: “Episode One: Realm of Shadows.” Ominous! Bruce listens to a news broadcast on his computer; the news anchor details the circumstances surrounding the robbery from the first chapter of this game. You know, the one involving the mysterious disk that Catwoman tried to steal, which Batman managed to wrestle away from her? Guess now he’s finally got a spare moment to look over said disk.

Bruce picks up the disk (per our instructions), then walks back over to his computer with it. He then looks through some of the files on his computer, which are descriptions of villains he’s met, like Catwoman. But that’s not important right now. Let’s look through this data drive, shall we?

Weirdly, Bruce Wayne has a computer port that happens to be the exact right size and configuration to read the disk that Catwoman had. But the hard drive is encrypted, so he has to do some hacking in order to get in. Meanwhile, Alfred shows up and makes conversation. Soon, Bruce manages to access one piece of data on the drive; it’s a map of Gotham, with the East shoreline highlighted in another color. Maybe there are some shady deals going down at the ports?

As Bruce continues to unpack the rest of the data on the drive, Alfred warns him against working with Falcone, emphasizing that Bruce’s father hated men like Falcone (who doesn’t?). Alfred also expresses his concerns about the mysterious Catwoman; it seems like the meeting between Bruce and Selina in the beginning of this game was supposed to be their first meeting, so that also should give everyone a sense of what time period in the Bat-canon this game takes place.

Alfred points out that Bruce should be more careful about his secret identity; Batman was seen on the news last night stopping Catwoman, and then Bruce showed up late to Harvey’s campaign party soon after. It’s pretty suspicious, and with a reporter like Vale sniffing around for clues, Bruce could stand to be worried. Bruce agrees to be more careful (or, at least, our Let’s Player ensures that he does). We’re playing a kindly and conscientious version of Bruce Wayne, here.

In more butler news, Alfred hands Bruce a message from his childhood friend Oz, who apparently wants to meet him in the park tomorrow at 6 am. Seems weird, until Alfred fills in the additional info that Oz has fallen in with a bad crowd. Bruce gets defensive and says, “Criminal record or not, he’s still an old friend.” A friend who wants to meet at the park at 6 am? Yeah, okay, dude.

Alfred then reveals that apparently Oz’s last name is “Cobblepot,” which is a big signpost for the audience that he’s the dang Penuin (not that Bruce knows that yet). Weird that Telltale Games decided to make Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot into one of Bruce’s childhood friends in this game. Especially since Harvey Dent is already in this game, and he’s already established as a friend of Bruce as well. How many soon-to-be Batman villains are going to be Bruce’s former friends? Is Selina Kyle going to turn out to be Bruce’s childhood sweetheart? (How very Gotham that would be …)

Guess we’ll find out next week!

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