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Release Date for The Hobbit Possibly Delayed in Britain



Our sincerest apologies to the British. It’s not official as of yet, but word around the internet is that the release date for this year’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been delayed in the UK. Whereas the release date used to be listed as December 14th, on certain notable websites (IMDb, and the Federal Distributor’s Association, as well as in this story by Empire) that date has now been changed to December 26th. 

It’s entirely possible that this is just a case of one site screwing up and everybody else simply falling into line. Middle Earth News has reached out to New Line for confirmation of the change but has of yet not heard back, and the PR materials for the film so far show no change in the release date.

Nevertheless, many UK fans are undoubtedly feeling restless and frustrated by the rumors, and at this point it could go either way. If the date has only been delayed for the UK, as well, it begs the question of what the reasoning behind the decision is. If there was a delay in post-production one would assume that’d lead to a universal delay in release date.

Another thing to keep in mind while we wait for more solid confirmation is that by moving The Hobbit from its place on the 14th to the 26th, Warner Bros. is placing what is sure to be one of their biggest box office notables right on top of another 3D release the studio is surely greatly anticipating: Baz Luhrmann‘s take on The Great Gatsby.

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