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Get Ready to Cry: Billy Boyd’s Gonna Sing in The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

That time we all had so many feelings about Faramir.


Well, maybe some folks won’t be crying. Don’t look at me like that Denethor, you’re a garbage father anyway.

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Warner Bros. Pictures has set up it’s “For Your Consideration” site, basically a place where it hopes Academy Award voters will go to think about what they’re going to nominate for next year’s Oscars. “Have you considered,” says Warner Bros., “nominating all of our movies for every award they are qualified for?” (Ok, they don’t literally say that, but it’s implied.) I’m really hoping the ceremony doesn’t skimp on playing the nominees for best original song this year, because I’d really like to see a stage performance based on The Lego Movie‘s “Everything is Awesome” featuring Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks.

And speaking of best original song nominees, Warner Bros.’ eagerness to publicize all potential Oscar award winning aspects of their movies have given us some interesting insight into The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. Warner Bros. suggests that voters consider TH:TBoFA’s “The Last Goodbye” for a Best Original Song nomination, and according to their page, “The Last Goodbye” is written by screenwriters Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh, and actor Billy Boyd. The song is also performed by Boyd.

Boyd infamously sung one of the biggest heartwrenchers in the original trilogy, “All Shall Fade,” a verse from a peppy marching song from the books, reworked into a hauntingly lonely solo. It played over images of the valiant Faramir riding out to certain death in battle on the callous orders of his father, while Denethor himself, well, does the creepiest job of eating a cherry tomato, like, ever. What’s less known is that Boyd came up with the tune for the song entirely on his own, surprising the crew with his performance of it on the day of shooting. It seems that in their final (until the unlooked-for day that The Silmarillion exits licensing limbo, at least, maybe) addition to The Lord of the Rings in cinema, Jackson and company have decided to bring Boyd back for one last bow, so expect to hear his voice when the end credits roll on The Battle of Five Armies.

Because you won’t already be crying enough about dwarves by then.

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