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Sprite Art Made With Those Beads From When You Were A Kid

Remember those little beads they had in a huge box back in kindergarten? I never found a good use for them besides chewing on them, but James Dunhour over at A Time Well Wasted has. His “little” project has been to use these hama beads (yeah, that’s what they’re called) to create and recreate spite art from some great old games and some ones that I really, really wish had actually existed as pixel-graphic era games. You might have to take a few steps back from the screen to appreciate what these look like as a whole, but the up-close view gives you a serious appreciation for how totally bizarre pixel art is when you think about how it works. Many more pictures after the jump.

And lastly, from an unknown artist whom I genuinely hope is actually in kindergarten:

If you liked these, you can check out more at A Time Well Wasted, or check out the subreddit devoted to the art-form.

(Samus via Reddit, all others: A Time Well Wasted via Reddit)

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