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Alfred Hitchcock: “Please Do Not Text During the Movie, Because It Makes Everyone Psycho.” [VIDEO]

For great justice

When Alfred Hitchcock tells you to not talk or text during a movie, you’d better pay attention!

This movie cell phone PSA, tied to the upcoming film Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, makes my inner film nerd especially happy, as when Psycho came out Hitch made waves by telling theaters they weren’t allowed to let moviegoers come in after the film started, which at the time was common practice. And now he’s promoting movie theater etiquette from beyond the grave!

I think more new releases should do anti-cell phone PSAs. I know there was one for The Muppets, and I feel like Pixar did one at some point. But there really needs to be one where Peter Parker uses his webbing to snatch phones from the hands of rude moviegoers. Or Bruce Wayne can trigger some sort of cell phone-specific EMP before settling in to watch something depressing about orphans. Maybe Tony Stark can just… buy the theater somehow and force texters and talkers to leave? I would be OK with any of those.

(via: Geeks are Sexy)

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