Here’s Every Filler Episode in “Dragon Ball Super”

This is Dragon Ball Super...'s filler.

While its predecessor, Dragon Ball Z, was infamous for its long stretches of filler, Dragon Ball Super did not suffer the same problem in its production. There were no points for the anime to catch up to the manga, so in its original run, from 2015 to 2018, there was a significant drop in the amount of episodes that were truly “filler.” However, the opening of the anime splits the movies Battle of Gods and Resurrection F into several episodes, recapping media that had been released prior to the start of the anime. This means that most fans will probably skip these episodes altogether. Granted, there will likely be more filler when Super returns in 2023 to cover the next arc of the manga. With that being said, here’s every filler episode in the anime Dragon Ball Super in its original run.

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Episodes 4 and 15

These two filler episodes involve the return of the Pilaf gang from Dragon Ball and a short episode in which Mr. Satan tries to take credit for the events of the Battle of Gods episodes. There isn’t much more to say about these episodes other than that they’re mostly white noise for what is to follow. While they do pad out the episode-version length of the Battle of Gods recap, they don’t add much to the series as a whole.

Episodes 42-46

This short filler arc involves the introduction of the character Monaka, an alien duplicating Vegeta and trying to steal his body, and Goku looking after his granddaughter Pan. This short arc pads the amount of time between the Universe 7 / Universe 6 tournament and the introduction of Goku Black. While it doesn’t really relate much or at all to what’s about to happen with the next arc, it gives us an interesting fight and some funny moments to watch before getting into the meat of Super’s story.

Episodes 68-70

These assorted filler episodes involve some Shenron wish shenanigans, a fight between Goku and Arale, and Champa playing…baseball? They’re more unique filler episodes, as they offer some interesting comedy before getting into the final major arc of the original Dragon Ball Super run, the Universe Survival Saga. The episode with Champa is particularly funny, considering Yamcha has taken up sports during the run of Dragon Ball Z.

Episodes 73-76

These four episodes are the last filler that appears in Dragon Ball Super before the anime resumes the Universe Survival Saga. After the assassination attempt on Goku’s life, these episodes mostly cover the gang training for the harrowing tournament ahead of them. Although it probably wouldn’t appear interesting to watch these episodes, they contain a good bit of character development, albeit development that is never showcased when the actual tournament begins. Either way, it’s a good bit of last filler before the proper story continues to its end.

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