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Things We Saw Today: Okay so What Is Happening With the Hawkeye TV Series?

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Don’t fret, fans of Kate Bishop! Your hopes of seeing her surface sooner rather than later can continue! This weekend, rumors made the rounds that the Hawkeye series for Disney+ was going to be delayed indefinitely, and everyone, pretty much, had a different reason. From the allegations against Jeremy Renner by his ex-wife to not being able to find a Kate Bishop, we all just wanted to know what was going on with the series.

Luckily, as CBR reports, Julia Alexander of The Verge tweeted that Disney had told her that the rumors were “completely inaccurate,” meaning that, at some point, we’re going to hear more about Kate Bishop and the series as a whole. I also DMed Julia Alexander on Twitter (since her account is private), and she confirmed that Disney had indeed reached out to her.

So … why did the rumor surface in the first place? Who out there wanted to stir up fear over what was to come with Hawkeye? Who knows? Murphy’s Multiverse was the first to report it, but things like this often pop up and we all start speculating because we’re worried. (Or I’m, at least, worried about Kate Bishop more than anything.)

At least we know that production should continue on its way, and that we’ll see more new from the Hawkeye series yet on the horizon.

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