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Pokémon Kanto Region Built 2:1 in Minecraft

Redditor Brony2you, and his pals TheGurw and Scooterboo have built Pokémon‘s Kanto region in Minecraft. That up there is Pallet Town, where we start travelling across the land, searching far and wide. According to Brony2you, some of the buildings, like in Fuchsia City, are not yet done, but the map and the blocks are all in place. He also encourages you to turn peaceful on, but why not take the extra step and throw in the Pokémobs Minecraft mod while you’re at it. Your own first-person Pokémon game! It’s a dream come true.

[geekovision id=87]

From the looks of it, their creation preserves the Generation I design while using the Generation IV maps (evidenced by the Pokémon Center at Route 3).

Download the texture pack here and the map here.

(via Reddit)

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