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Harvey Guillén’s Fashion Inspo on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Is Perfection

Harvey Guillén as a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race

When in doubt, know that we love Harvey Guillén. The actor who brings Guillermo to life in the hit FX series What We Do In The Shadows has become a fan favorite and for good reason: He’s great! Guillén also recently took to making fun of the world’s biggest liar, George Santos, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and gave fans what they wanted. Because the two really do have a similar look, with Guillén having the extra gift of self-awareness Santos could never dream of.

But Guillén, who takes his role as the internet darling very seriously, didn’t stop there. He decided that the main stage at RuPaul’s Drag Race was his next adventure and was recently a guest host on the hit series! Guest hosting on that show is, I think, the dream for a lot of people. I know that I would love to do it someday but also it’s intimidating. Guillén did an incredible job and I hope that he becomes something of a regularly returning guest.

And he made sure to do his judging gig in style. Guillén showed up in a sparkly top with a big black bow at the front and was smiling and cracking jokes throughout the entire episode. But it was after the weekend that Guillén gave fans a hint into who his inspiration was for it. And the answer? Well, it’s delightful.

And look, Barbra Streisand is a dream so this is perfect! But the look itself has a fascinating history and is just all-around great that Guillén brought it to life in his own way.

We all want to live our Babs dream.

Barbra Streisand won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1969 for her work as Fanny Brice in the movie Funny Girl, which is a stage musical as well with a revival currently playing on Broadway. But it is, for the most part, the look that many associate with Babs. The bob is linked to some iconic moments (like this win as well as Streisand singing “Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy” with Judy Garland).

But it is one of the more subdued of Oscar-winning looks. And I think that Guillén paid homage to the look in a perfect way.

(Featured image: MTV)

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