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Whoever Wrote This Librarian Job Listing Really Knows Their Hogwarts Staff

Must be comfortable with spiders and cramped lodgings, be able to talk to snakes, and prone to inexplicable sulkiness.



If you want to become a Library Director in Boulder, Colorado, you apparently need more than a Master of Library Science: you also should be like Harry Potter. Sorry, Madam Pince, your tough love continues to be unappreciated.

Library Jobline has a listing up for a library director, and it’s clear whatever bookworm wrote the want ad has high expectations. Here’s an excerpt:

This job has nothing to do with being that severe authority figure wandering the hallways of your elementary school.  We don’t want Madam Pince of Harry Potter’s library at Hogwarts; what we want is someone more like Harry himself.

Like Harry? Interesting. Obviously if most of us had to choose a Gryffindor with an obvious respect for books it would be Hermione, although it makes sense that the (slightly) less uptight Harry would be more at home in Boulder than his brainiac best friend. Maybe he could find a natural um…remedy there for his mysterious scar twinges?

Applicants must apply to the position by the 18th. If you think you have the same stuff as the boy who lived, I suggest you send your resume by Owl Post at once.

(via Neatorama, image via Harry Potter)

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