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Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later Shows Us What the Epilogue Didn’t

There's An Apparate For That

Unsatisfied with the rose-colored-glasses of the Deathly Hallows epilogue? Think everything wrapped up just a little too neatly? Never fear, the internet is here! Furious Molecules have created a new webseries called Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later, in which things are a little different for Harry and company. Harry doesn’t have any more bad guys to beat (yet), Ginny’s gotten a little one-track in the mind area, and Hermione’s a wildcat divorcee with a…bone to pick with Harry.

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Things are a bit different than the “all was well” of Jo Rowling‘s imagined future for the characters, but when it comes with as many laughs as this episode gave us we’re OK with that. Looks like Harry’s joining the rest of us in our post-Potter depression.

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