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Harry Potter Characters Invade Some Classic Albums

There's An Apparate For That

The internet loves few things more than imagining Harry Potter characters in situations even stranger than the ones they’ve already been thrust into. This time, that includes inserting them as integral parts of some classic album covers. Above you will see Voldy, Bellatrix, and that Malfoy brat posing as the Ramones. Because they’re so fittingly badass. Follow the jump to see more.

Weasley might be more Thin White Duke than Space Oddity, in my opinion.

Don’t tell him about Weird Al’s parodies. The Dark Lord will not be pleased.

If you listen to this while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it has a whole new meaning to it, man.

Surprisingly fitting, considering the fate of the last geek-friendly project U2 was involved with.

A triumphant rock star’s return never looked so … suspicious.

I think they sold Rolling Stones in the Weasley’s joke shop. They had an adverse effect on beetles.

Hermione hosted SNL once and would not shut up about S.P.E.W. Lorne Michaels never spoke to her again.

“It’s a kind of magic.”

(Next Movie via I Heart Chaos)

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