Here Is What to Do For That Hangover You’re Going to Have

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Since your resolution to drink less doesn’t start until tomorrow, some of you (okay, us) will be drinking some alcohol tonight. If you can find yourself in a safe, trustworthy situation that includes a designated driver (or a sober cabbie), we strongly encourage responsible imbibery, because such an experience will result in the creation of words such as “imbibery.” (No, I have not started celebrating early.) However, be aware that unless you have superhuman powers or are a super scientist with a miracle cure, there is a very good chance that the alcohol you consume will give you a hangover tomorrow. And if curling up into a fetal position and praying for sweet, sweet death isn’t your idea of a cure, we have a few tips for you that will 1. help you get over a hangover and 2. possibly prevent an extra horrible one.

Here are the groundbreaking facts: Alcohol causes hangovers. Hangovers do not cause permanent damage, they just feel like they will last forever and they make you lie to yourself (“I’m never drinking again! Never! Nevernevernever!”). Your over-the-counter painkiller of choice should be ibuprofen (Advil). You should not drink more alcohol.

You should also not drink coffee, or at least not only coffee. Sugary drinks will replenish the glucose that your liver was not processing while you were boozing it up. But also, lots and lots of water, because a big reason why hangovers feel so terrible is because of dehydration. And make sure to eat something hearty to try to get your stomach back to normal. Finally, bundle up and take a walk outside. Exercise and fresh air will help you.

And here is what you can do at the party to possibly save yourself from the pain that will come: Eat fatty, greasy food before drinking. Think of it as forming a protective, absorbent layer for your stomach. Don’t worry about your stupid diet, it’s the last day of the year, and it doesn’t count. It doesn’t count. Drink non-alcoholic things in between the booze, especially water. But a new tip I just heard: darker drinks will cause worse hangovers, so things like white wine and vodka will be less traumatic in the morning.

So, all of this, at least that’s what the nice lady in this video says:

But take some advice from Aunt Jamie: you are a very special snowflake. We all are. Sometimes things that work for other people don’t work for others. Sometimes those remedies (like the new magical snake-oil promises of something called “Blowfish,” something you definitely want to consume when you feel like dying…I’d personally prefer to take something called “Internal Hug”) totally work like a charm, sometimes they don’t. But if there is anything that works for everyone in preventing a hangover, it’s this, and you’re not going to like it: limit your intake or abstain from drinking altogether. And then laugh at your drunkass friends instead.

(via ABC News)

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