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Halo UNSC Logo Mistakenly Used for United Nations in BBC Broadcast

Look: We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t make them any less amusing. This time, someone in the BBC’s research department must have been running pretty fast and loose with the Google image search because he or she pulled this logo of the United Nations Space Command from Halo instead of the actual United Nations logo for a broadcast on violence in Syria.

The BBC report from last Thursday focuses on criticism from Amnesty International leveled against the U.N. security council — which, coincidentally — would be “U.N.S.C..” This really does appear to be just be a case of poor common sense in Googling. Searching for United Nations Security Council pulls up pictures of delegates at curved tables and the official website. “UNSC,” on the other hand is all Halo.

While accidents do happen, it’s notable that nearly all of the images returned for a search of UNSC contain pictures of fantastical spaceships. One would think that would set off some alarm bells, unless this is a very, very clever prank perpetrated by someone disinterested in job security. I suppose we’ll never know.

(via Eurogamer)

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