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Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Replica Is Amazing Despite Being Non-Functional

Okay, so it’s not Half-Life 3, but it’s still cool. This Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator replica was built by Harrison Krix of Volpin Props, who makes all kinds of really sweet props. On his blog, Krix mentions that the project was a big one for him, considering the gravity gun is very intricate and very near and dear to a lot of gamers. I think it’s totally clear he nailed it. The lighting effects are awesome, and if you look closely, you’ll notice an exquisitely placed layer of grime. If you want it, really, really badly, it’s going up for auction at the Child’s Play annual charity dinner. Just be warned, Krix’s last replica, the Portal gun, went for $14,000.

Even more pictures here.

(Volpin Props via Kotaku)

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