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Haagen-Dazs Japan To Debut Vegetable Ice Cream

"5 a day" is referring to 5 pints, right?


The Japanese branch of Haagen-Dazs wants ice cream lovers to (kind of) have their cake and eat it too. Starting May 12 the company will be rolling out their new “Spoon Vege” vegetable flavors, and if that name alone doesn’t get your mouthbuds a-waterin’ than perhaps their offer of free samples will.

Rocket News 24 is reporting that starting April 22nd the purveyors of decadent cold desserts will be offering 100 free samples of the two new flavors via their Japanese branch’s Facebook page. Warning: do not visit that page if you are overly susceptible to sweet tooth attack. Taste buds know no language, and the site is nothing but seductively melting sundae after seductively melting sundae.

Vegetable ice cream seems like a bad way to eat vegetables or eat ice cream, but thankfully the specific flavors sound more appetizing than the name “Spoon Vege” itself.  For now the experimental desserts will be available in Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange.

Each carton will have roughly 8.5% milk fat, approximately half the fat of a carton of non-veggie Haagen-Dazs, so if you manage to get your paws on a Spoon Vege maybe you can convince yourself you’re making the healthy choice. At least no one can blame “fat Americans” for this bastardization of the produce aisle. Although I’ll risk the stereotype for a second and ask the obvious question:  if we can make dessert taste like vegetables why aren’t we making vegetables taste like dessert?

Bring me my Cherry Garcia lima beans, stat!

(Rocket News 24 via Jezebel, image via Haagen-Dazs)

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