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Broadchurch Season 3 Is an Unusually Thoughtful Depiction of a Rape Investigation

Some spoilers ahead for Broadchurch season 3, but not the big reveal!

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All the Reasons to Get Excited for Take My Wife Season 2

Five stars.

Seeso’s Take My Wife is my new favorite TV show. Because I’m a grad student, and it’s summer, and I can’t stop binge-watching everything, this is saying a lot. But Take My Wife is the reigning queen of television for me right now – I just inhaled all of season 1, and I CANNOT WAIT for Season 2, which just finished shooting.

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Review: S-Town, the Successor to Serial

Five out of five stars.

In S-Town, a Serial podcast hosted by Brian Reed, we return to Serial's more intimate style of nonfiction storytelling that was central to the show's first season.

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Review: Seeso’s Hilarious My Brother, My Brother, and Me

3 brothers, 5 stars

This show isn’t for kids, but it’s definitely for the coolest babies.

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Why You Should Be Listening to Mallory Ortberg on the Dear Prudence Podcast Right Now

One voice that has brought me comfort since the last election has been Mallory Ortberg on Slate’s Dear Prudence podcast.

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The Edge of Seventeen Invalidates Teenage Depression, and That’s Not Okay

2 out of 5 stars.

The Edge of Seventeen refuses to fully validate Nadine’s obvious clinical depression at every turn.

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The Mindy Project Skewered “Nice Guys” and We Want More

Thank you, Mindy Project, for turning the joke around and illuminating a problem that a lot of young women have to deal with.

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A Tale of Two Magicians: How SyFy’s TV Adaptation Left Alice Quinn Behind

When I read the first installment of the Magicians series, I dug book Alice even more than I had on TV—and realized that SyFy's Alice didn’t get the ending she deserved. And it’s hard to pinpoint why.

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Tamora Pierce’s Forthcoming Exile Trilogy: Why It’s Already Making Me Cry With Joy

Tamora Pierce’s feminist fantasy shoots love and empowerment straight into the hearts and minds of her readers. I love all of her books, but Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, and Protector of the Small quartets are particularly special to me; after all, I’ve been reading them since I was 10. But as deft as she is at crafting her heroines, Pierce makes a point of including supporting, feminist, male characters in her stories as well, and soon, we'll get to know one of them a little better.

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The Double Lives of Elektra Natchios and Karen Page, Daredevil’s Other Vigilantes

Matt Murdock is caught between his two identities and relationships, but what about the women themselves? They, too, are each caught in double lives, and they both struggle with how their relationships with Matt challenge the selves they’re avoiding. Like Daredevil, Karen and Elektra have to choose who they’re going to be—and suffer the consequences.

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Rose Buddies: Podcasters Take On The Bachelor Franchise

Griffin McElroy is part of the renowned McElroy brothers podcast producing machine. Rachel McElroy works in grants, previously at the United Way, now for Austin Community College. Together, they’re the hilarious spouse duo that recently began the podcast Rose Buddies, dedicated to critiquing ABC’s The Bachelor franchise.

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: Sisters as More Than Tropes

This movie’s general concept is one big trope turned on its head.

I knew I was going to go see Sisters. I love Amy Poehler and Tina Fey separately, but even more together, united in a bond of everlasting hilarity and power on-screen. Going in, I was expecting kind of a Baby Mama-ish movie—a wild woman, a responsible one, and sort of silly humor. Let’s be real: nobody does silly humor better than Fey and Poehler. What I didn’t expect was a deeper exploration of the typical Hollywood sister act.

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The Latest Smash Up Expansion Is Pretty AND Deadly

I don’t know what you’re doing right now, but if you haven’t yet played Smash Up … you are straight up invited to come over and play it with me. I need more people to introduce this game to.

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No, Jessica Jones Isn’t Sexist Towards Men; Let’s Talk About Why

When I started engaging in conversations about the show, I realized that many people thought of Jessica Jones as the literal reversal of a typical Marvel production, meaning they thought it was sexist towards men. Let’s break this down.

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