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Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Gamora Is Going to Start Out [SPOILER]

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had a lot to say about Guardians of the Galaxy in an interview with Empire Magazine. So let’s get right to it. Who’s the main baddie of the film? How is Thanos involved? And what’s up with Gamora (Zoe Saldana)?

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Vague unmarked spoilers are under the cut.

First off, Feige confirmed the popular assumption that Ronan the Accuser, played by Lee Pace, will be the film’s primary villain. “Lurking above” whatever Ronan’s dastardly plot is will be Thanos, who “plays a part in [the movie] and is a character in it… You will learn more about Thanos in Guardians, for sure. Certainly you’ll get more than the one turn around and smirk [from The Avengers]. You’ll get much more than that!”

So in the villain camp we have Ronan; Thanos; Karen Gillan‘s bald lady space pirate, Nebula; Djimon Hounsou‘s Korath the Pursuer;…. and Saldana’s Gamora, who, as it turns out, starts out evil before joining the Guardians.

Says Feige:

“When we meet Gamora, she’s a bad guy working with Ronan and Nebula and Korath, and by extension for Thanos. Gamora doesn’t necessarily like doing that anymore, and tries to find a new path for herself. But she has a reputation as the deadliest woman in the galaxy that people aren’t greeting her with open arms.”

Being raised and brought up by Thanos is part of Gamora’s backstory, but that the movie’s going to start before she’s made the transition to a good guy is new information. Personally, I’m pleased, but I’m also biased because I absolutely love female villains. We get to see Gamora as a good guy and a bad guy? Best of both worlds! I do hope, however, that she has agency in switching sides—say, she realizes some awful things Thanos is doing and makes the conscious decision to fight against him, rather than Thanos turning on her for some tactical reason, throwing her out of the fold and leaving her no choice but to find new people to fight with.

Feige’s phrasing that she “doesn’t necessarily like” working for Thanos anymore gives me this headcanon that she’s so deadly and badass that she switched sides just ’cause she was bored. It’s not nearly dramatic enough for the movie, I know, but I like it.

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