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The Guardians of the Galaxy Will Appear in Avengers: Infinity War

Maybe we can hope for a dance-off?

guardians of the galaxy

Avengers: Infinity War might only be one movie now instead of the formerly slated two-parter, but the cameos are apparently going to be pretty epic. The Russo Brothers already let it slip that Captain Marvel may be making her first appearance in Infinity War in advance of her own solo movie (good thing Brie Larson is already reading up on the comics)–and now, one of the stars of another successful Marvel franchise has spilled the beans about a potential superhero team-up.

Vin Diesel, who provides the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, revealed during a Facebook Live chat with fans that the Guardians will also be popping up in Infinity War. According to Groot himself, it’s “incredibly exciting. Incredibly exciting. Incredibly exciting and something that if you were a part of our page you knew before everybody.” (He definitely sounds excited.)

The actor’s exact words were that the Guardians will be “included” in the film, though in what capacity we’re not sure yet. It’s also possible that, as others have speculated, they may not directly team up with the Avengers but could be working off to the side to do their part against the bad guys.

Either way, the crossover potential is ridiculous–and now it’s official. I’m putting in my suggestion here and now: dance-off between the Guardians and the Avengers. Make it happen, Marvel.

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