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The New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Doesn’t Look as Good in Grand Theft Auto IV

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, Rockstar Gamessecond trailer for Grand Theft Auto V looks really slick. It’s well composed, and shows that, if nothing else, the game is going to look beautiful. If you’re interested, one industrious GTA fan has removed some of the trailer’s smooth veneer by recreating it in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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After seeing both versions, I can say two things: First; despite the rough edges, I’m still intrigued by GTA V‘s multi-character storyline. Second; GTA IV doesn’t hold up nearly as well I thought it would.

As Kotaku points out, this isn’t the first time somebody has retro-fitted a GTA V trailer with the graphics of the series’ past. Another fan re-made Rockstar’s original trailer, which was released just over a year ago, using GTA: San Andreas.

(YouTube via Kotaku)

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