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Grey’s Anatomy Does a Nerd Episode, Portrays Fans Pretty Much How You Would Expect


Which is to say a bunch of Comic Con goers get trampled when they all go for the same limited edition TARDISes signed by Russel T. Davies. Hey, it’s already impressive that they successfully name dropped actual Doctor Who stuff, so we’ll cut them some slack for the improbable trampling. I mean, there are online pre-orders for these things now. Con staff who keep people in orderly lines. Et cetera.

But we would be remiss if we said that cosplayers and hospitals aren’t a surefire comedy goldmine. See above, and below.

According to FemPop’s recap, notable cosplaying patients include a hobbit:

And also a the Doctor cosplayer, who has a series of arguments with a friend over who actually gets to keep the limited edition TARDIS they , his claim on it being that he won it by virtue of not getting trampled into a hospital bed. Then:

The Doctor had a successful surgery and his Android-fanboy buddy returns with good news. He found his ear. Which apparently can be reattached days later? Huh. But the Doctor only cares about his TARDIS. Ah. Priorities. He’s just like the Doctor. His rage leads to him paralyzing himself. Which is less like the real Doctor. Quick ruin a woman’s life and regenerate!

FemPop how dare you impugn the Doctor’s treatment of his companions FemPop it’s certainly something that we’d never stoop to at this fan establishment HARRUMPH.

For a whole recap of the episode and more screncaps, see FemPop.

(story via Lauren, vid via TVFanatic, pics via FemPop.)

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