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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here Are Some Green Women Who Probably Aren’t Irish.

Just Go With It

Green is a very popular color for skin in fiction, didn’t you know? It seems that green is the default color when it comes to aliens but it seems to me there are just more green characters than blue, purple, red, etc. So to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve rounded up a few icon green women who may or may not be Irish. That’s ok, everyone’s Irish today! 

The Wicked Witch of the West!

DC Comics has a rather large number of women with green skin. Poison Ivy here doesn’t always show up green but it depends on how much chlorophyll she drank that morning. (Just kidding. Probably.)

You’ve also got Miss Martian (aka M’gann M’orzz, aka Megan Morse) from the Teen Titans, currently starring in the animated series Young Justice, and all around awesome chick.

And let’s not forget Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, aka Jade, one of the most awesome Green Lanterns ever.

Of course there’s a very famous green lady over at Marvel too – She-Hulk!

Star Trek is notorious for showcasing green-skinned women, they started in the very first episode of the original series to be exact. Here are two of the clasisics, Vina and Marta.

Don’t you dare mess with Fiona.

And well, just because we can…

So who’s your favorite green lady character? Perhaps it was someone we forgot to include here? Let us know in the comment section. And while we’re in the spirit of things, check out our Power Grid from last year: 10 Geek Bars For Your St. Patrick’s Day Crawl.

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