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This Is A New Species of Fish Legitimately Named After Star Wars’ Greedo

And it shot first.


Original Trilogy - Bounty Hunters 09

Greedo, son of Greedo the Elder, Rodian bounty hunter, and… fish?

Seriously and scientifically – yes. A new paper published in ZooKeys tells the tale of three scientists from Auburn University in Alabama who discovered a new species of catfish; a suckermouth armored catfish from the family Loricariidae, to be exact. Oh, and they named it the Peckoltia greedoi. Why, you might ask? Well:



The scientists sound the fish in Brazil’s rio Gurupi drainage, which I imagine is pretty similar to what the Mos Eisley cantina smells like. P. Greedoi can be separated from other Peckoltia species in a few ways; namely that their jaw connects at an angle greater than ninety degrees, that it has a uniformly-colored head, and that it has “the abdomen largely naked posterior to the pectoral girdle” (yeah it does).

Also, it does not shoot first.

(via Nerdist, image via J. W. Armbruster)

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