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Gravity Parody Set In Ikea Is Uncomfortably Accurate [Video]

The moral of the story is to never go to Ikea.

Not surprisingly, when you remove all the space debris and uncontrollable spinning from Gravity, the premise becomes a bit silly. Well, incredibly silly in the case of “Alfonso Cuaron’s Ikea trailer,” a parody video created by Daniel Hubbard. But oddly, it’s still just as terrifying, because Ikea is the worst.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time a parody set in Ikea has made a ton of waves on the Internet. Ikea Heights, the soap opera produced for Channel 101 that took place entirely in an Ikea and which prominently featured scenes of the actual Ikea employees asking the actors to leave, was also pretty outstanding. Check out the first episode below:

(via Tor)

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