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“Grandma, Give Back My Anime!” A Grandchild’s Struggle With His Otaku Grandmother

Meddling Kids


“My 89-year-old grandmother borrowed all of my anime DVDs and hasn’t given them back. How can I get her to return them?”

This may sound like the beginning of a joke “Ask Abby”, but for one Japanese reader of a website called My Navi, this is a serious question. In the website’s advice column, the reader explained the story to the rest of the users and sincerely wanted their advice on taking back his DVDs from his newly-inducted-otaku grandma.

The reader had always been a covert anime fan and no one in his family knew. One day his grandmother found out, and in a strange turn of events he ended up lending her his anime collection so she could see what it was he so loved. Much to his surprise, she fell in love with the series Hellsing and became such a fan that she began working quotes from the show into daily conversation.

She never gave her grandson back the DVDs, though, and therein lies the question. So you’ve made your grandmother an otaku. Now what?

The commenters suggested taking the discs while she wasn’t in her room, or waiting until the initial excitement around her new hobby faded.

The commenter also received more than just useful advice. One responder wrote: “What a wonderful grandmother. I respect this. That being said, this is pretty effing funny.”

Yeah, I’d have to agree.

It’s great to see that anime is bringing people together, even if it happens to be in ways they didn’t expect. That’s the best part of fandom– sharing your love of something with other people who either already feel similarly, or are interested in learning about something you’re passionate about. This kid just happened to get that experience in an unconventional way!

#Granime Problems.

(via Kotaku)

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