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Rockstar Announces Grand Theft Auto V, Trailer Incoming November 2

Visiting the Rockstar Games website this morning, you will be greeted with the above graphic announcing the next installment in the working out, and also bowling simulator, Grand Theft Auto V. Nothing else appears on the page, except underneath the graphic, the words “TRAILER 11.02.11” is displayed, a message that may take years to decipher. Aside from the graphic and the trailer date, the page title displays the hashtag #GTAV, one that hasn’t seen much activity as of yet, though Rockstar only seemed to throw it out into the wild around two hours ago.

What’s in store for our new antihero? Will it be a woman for the first time? Will it be an actual hero, doing his or her best to subvert crime? Maybe the “V” stands for “vogue.” After all, the above graphic does say “Grand Theft Auto V Five.” Stay tuned, for on November 2, we may just find out we’ll be stepping into the tasteful shoes of a rogue fashion designer.

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