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Google Officially Takes on Spotify, Announces Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music

People really seem to enjoy music, so Google figured they’d get a little more involved in the music scene. They just announced the cumbersomely named Google Play Music All Access. They were pretty sparse with details, but All Access appears to be for all intents and purposes Google’s version of Spotify.

All Access will roll out today, though it doesn’t appear to have done so just yet, and folks can sign up for a free trial. The monthly service will cost $9.99, but those who sign up for a trial by June 30th will see a nice discount to $7.99. Spotify, probably All Access’ biggest competitor, offers their Premium version for $9.99 with an ad-free computer-only (as in no mobile) version for $4.99.

Google did not announce which labels and bands they’ve signed to the service, but did say they have millions of songs. All Access can generate playlists based on songs the user enjoys in a similar way to Pandora, or users can manage playlists manually.

Since they haven’t gone into the nuts and bolts of All Access yet, it’s hard to speculate how it will do in the ever-growing music streaming market, but it’s probably worth giving it a trial run. It’s also probably worth mentioning again that “Google Play Music All Access” is an unreasonably clunky name for a thing. Like, any thing.

(via GigaOM, image via Google Play)

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