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Google Media Player FCC Filing Includes Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Reference, Gets Our Hopes Up



We don’t know a lot about the Google-built media player, other than the fact that Google made it, and it’s a media player, but the device’s FCC filing does reveal one interesting tidbit: The model number is H2G2-42. Yeah, you’re not seeing things, it’s absolutely a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Someone has a sense of humor, or we’re getting a really awesome media player at some point.

When I say “we don’t know a lot about the Google-built media player,” I mean we literally know next to nothing else about it. The test report just says it functions as a media player, so take from that what you will. What is strange, however, is that it’s not built by any of Google’s normal partners for such things, but Google themselves.

It’s entirely possible that we’ll never actually see this out in the wild. It is, after all, just an FCC filing. Google’s no stranger to filing stuff and then shelving them. On the other hand, the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference could mean that it’s actually how Google views this player — a sort of all-knowing, ever-useful gadget. I won’t speculate further on the matter, but I’d love for that to be the case.

(FCC via, Engadget)

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