Eric Schmidt Says You Can’t Have Google Glass Until Next Year

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Though earlier reports said that Google Glass would be commercially available by the end of this year, it seems like we’re going to have to wait longer before we can walk around looking like super cool cyborgs. Eric Schmidt said in an interview that Glass would not be available to the public until some time next year. The bright side is now you have more time to save up $1,500 to buy a pair.

Google Glass has already begun shipping to developers, and Schmidt said there will be thousands of the developer models out in the world over the next few months. He told BBC 4 that Google will make some changes to Glass based on the developers’ feedback, and that a commercial release is “probably a year-ish away.”

Although we’ve been expecting Glass by the end of this year, Schmidt’s timeline seems to sync up with what Sergey Brin said at the Google I/O conference and to Bloomberg in 2012 when he stated, “These Explorer Editions I’d like to get out early next year (2013). Within a year after that I want to have broad consumer offering.”

This doesn’t seem to be a delay as much as it is a misunderstanding between Google execs and the rest of the world, or even Google execs and the rest of Google.

(via Business Insider, image via ERN5_)

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