Google Engineer Has the Most Amazing House for LAN Parties

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Kenton Varda, a software engineer for Google, is very into LAN parties. You might think you are into LAN parties, or that you know a guy who is really into LAN parties, but compared to Kenton Varda, you are not even close to having the slightest affinity for LAN parties. You see, Varda had a house built specifically to be awesome for LAN parties. A super sexy LAN party dream house, if you will. For starters, the house has 12 game stations that can fold out of the wall for easy access, ensuring that no one has to bring their own rig. Already, this sounds infinitely better than any LAN party I’ve ever been to.

You’ll notice I said “game stations” and not “computers,” because what folds out of the wall at each little desk is actually just a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard. Because Varda had the house built around LAN parties (and because he’s loaded, apparently), he had the luxury of installing the actual computery bits of the computer elsewhere, connecting them to a server and presumably wiring everything up behind the walls. Fortunately for him, no one actually uses physical media to run games anymore.

But what about keeping all those computers up to date? Child’s play. The man is a software engineer for Google. He just hosts a master disk on his own server and can sync all the machines with the latest updates from there. If that wasn’t enough for you, the dude also has 2 bigscreen TVs. Of course, they’re connected to all manner of game consoles, but they are mostly used for streaming professional StarCraft II games, as one does.

I’m not sure that I would ever go to such lengths to build a LAN party optimal pad, or that I’d be able to live with myself after making such a gigantic investment. That being said, this house is undeniably awesome and I would love to have a friend like that. Oh, would I ever. I guess I’ll just have to fantasize, and then, when I go back home tonight, I can think about Kenton Varda’s house, look around my apartment, tell myself “Yeah, but this is nice too. This is nice too,” and try really hard to believe it.

(via Gizmag)

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