Google Drops Its Flagship Nexus One Android Phone

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This past weekend, Google announced on the Nexus One Android phone blog that the company’s flagship device has been discontinued, only half a year later. Once the last shipment has been sold, U.S. consumers will no longer be able to purchase the once-hyped smartphone from Google. The doomsday announcement for the Nexus One had been expected ever since disappointing sales in its first month, and the subsequent closure of the web store in May.

Created in partnership with Taiwan-based manufacturer HTC to display advanced possibilities of the Android operating software, Google’s Nexus One smartphone was a unique handset in that it could be sold unlocked (not restricted to a single network provider). Perhaps the feature didn’t gel with the average consumer, or the steep price of a $529 unlocked handset was offputting.

Despite ranking second in a Best of the Web poll on ReadWriteWeb, the device’s poor sales numbers suggest that Google isn’t anywhere as adept at manufacturing and marketing hardware. The Android OS, however, will live on in Verizon‘s Droid line of handsets.

App developers can still log onto their developer account on the Android Market Publisher website to purchase a handset. The phone will also still be sold by partners including Vodafone in Europe, KT in Korea, and others “based on local market conditions,” states the Nexus One blog. Google will also continue to provide customer support for current Nexus One users.

R.I.P. Nexus One (January 5, 2010 – July 16, 2010).

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