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Google+ Blogger Comment Integration Shows Google’s Attempting to Catch Up to Facebook



In case you have a blog on Blogger, not that I’m saying you should, Google’s rolled out a new feature where you can active Google+ comments on your Blogger blog. These work in much the same way as Facebook‘s commenting system does on third-party sites, so it’s clear that Google’s starting to eye that part of the market with a little more interest.

It’s works pretty much the same way as the Facebook commenting system does, but with Google+. So, in essence, it’s a thing that’s worse than a thing that’s already not good. Even so, the prevalence of the Facebook system across so many popular sites means that the social media giant isn’t likely to entirely fade away at any point soon, and it’s obvious that this integration is the first step in Google’s plan to do something similar with their own social offering.

Using Blogger as a first steps keeps everything in-house, so Google can really get some granular analytics out of it. It seems almost inevitable that they’ll roll something similar out to the rest of the Internet, but time will tell if they actually make it useful or not.

One guess as to which way I’m leaning.

(Google via The Verge)

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