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Give Us the Regina King and Chris Evans Movie We All Deserve


Chris Evans helping Regina King onto the Oscars stage.

Ever see something so perfect that you want to cry? Hollywood, take my idea. Let me create this movie. I have lots of ideas.

Last night, Chris Evans sat on the aisle of the Academy Awards, and we were blessed with a brand new pairing and the hope that we can see Evans take on a new movie with Oscar-winner Regina King!

King was the first winner of the night, and Chris Evans, being the good boy that he is, helped King to the stage to accept her award, and from then on out, our obsession was set. So now that the night has come and gone, we’re all over this moment, right? Very wrong. If anything, their quick moment together has made it so that many of us fans long to see King and Evans take on the big screen together!

In that vein, I’m going to pitch the kind of movie we could see with them. It may sound cheesy—may sound like the movie we would have watched in 2006 and cried at but would laugh at now—but I’m onto something here, dammit, so bear with me. Imagine, if you will, Regina King playing the Vice President of the United States. She’s poised, she’s ready, and she thinks that she’s never going to have to step up as president.

When an unfortunate act of violence takes out the president (we’ll say he’s played by Jeff Bridges, because that’d be fun!), King must step up and be the president that her husband, Chris Evans, knows she can be. Sounds like another Oscar-winning picture right there!

I’m not the only one who loved the idea of these two being a movie together, and the internet went down a rabbit hole of pitching what kind of movie they’d love to see!

The only other pitch I would accept? This one. Other than that, take my movie, Hollywood!

The fact of the matter is that we all love Chris Evans and Regina King, and the idea of them being in things together, working side by side, is probably the most delightful development to have come out of the Oscars (with the exception of Olivia Colman’s speech and Spike Lee’s anger about Green Book winning Best Picture).

(image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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