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This Baby Seal Was Shunned by the Pod Because He’s Ginger

Obligatory Baby Animal of the Day

Okay, before you reach for the Kleenex because of the thought of that adorable baby seal being abandoned by all those other seals in the background, here is the good news: he has been adopted and is being cared for by a very nice person. There is no bad news, except for the mean seals, who are mean. Now that you have this information, it’s okay to imagine the Hulk theme music while viewing the picture above. (More pics and the whole story after the jump.)

Unlike the rest of the pod, this seal was born with reddish-brown fur and blue eyes and is practically blind. But that kind of coloring caused his mother to abandon him, taking his normal-colored siblings with her and leaving the seal pup to fend for himself. He was found by photographer Anatoly Strakhov on Tyuleniy Island in Russia, who just happened to be hanging out with the staff of a dolphinarium when he spotted the seal hiding under a bunch of logs. That staff took the seal under their wing (fin?) and saved the eye-catching little guy from certain danger in the wild.

So, there you have it. Your feel-good story of the day. We need thing kind of thing once in a while, and let’s be honest — if there is a baby animal who has a great story to tell, we’re going to write about it. Come on, look at this guy.

(Daily Mail via BuzzFeed)

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