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Gina Torres Joins the Cast of Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. Heck. Yes.

Just What You've Always Wanted

Just as my sense of hope around Bryan Fuller’s The Munsters reboot dies, my anticipation of his next show, Hannibal, rises. The NBC series will focus on a pre-imprisonment Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and his protégé, FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), with Laurence Fishburne playing the man responsible for hunting Lecter down.

And now we have a new cast member: Gina Torres.

Thank you, Bryan Fuller. Just… thank you.

Torres, who in real life is married to Fishburne, will play the wife of his FBI agent character on the show. Nothing else is known about her character yet, but if Torres’ previous roles are anything to go by she’ll be kicking butt either literally (Firefly) or metaphorically (Suits) at some point. I hope so, anyway.

Previously announced as joining the Hannibal cast is Pushing Daisies‘ Ellen Greene, who will play a novelist and personal friend to Dr. Lecter. (So does she know about his secret double life as a serial killer cannibal? Aunt Vivian, no!)

Fuller has said that he envisions Hannibal as a “love story” (oh-kaaay) that will span seven seasons, with the third season possibly covering The Silence of the Lambs prequel Red Dragon. Assuming it gets to season three, that is. NBC, I’m keeping my eye on you. Do not mess this one up or so help me…

(via: Flickering Myth)

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