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The Story of Gillian Anderson’s “Scully” Box

I Want to Believe

At the surprisingly tiny height of 5’2″, Gillian Anderson was a full 10 inches shorter than her X-Files co-star David Duchovny. So, how did the crew save Anderson from having to jump up and down so she wasn’t having some important, expository conversation with Duchovny’s nipples? The answer is an apple box, a common tool used for a lot of television and film actors whose height doesn’t really jibe with other actors in a scene. Generally, they are 8″x20″x12″, but since the height disparity between the X-Files stars was exceptionally great, Anderson’s slightly higher “Scully Box” was measured at about “an apple and a half.” The actress actually referred to it as the “Gilly Box,” and sometimes she would forget she was on it — and then fall off the box during a serious scene.

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You’re thinking about how much you miss The X-Files now, aren’t you? So are we. We are not alone.

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