Nuts to April Fools’, We Want to Buy Sphero’s Giant Remote-Controlled Ball

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It never fails — every April Fools’ Day, a product or two comes along that I would absolutely buy. This year is no different, and the product is the Peacekeeper from Sphero — a 3-foot-tall, 150-pound plastic ball that can be controlled from your mobile device. Who would want a device that turns every day of the users life into a giant, perpetual game of bowling for humans, you might ask? Who wouldn’t? Get a look at the toy every kid will be dreaming of this Christmas below, and remember: Kickstarter is already a thing. If we want to hard enough, we can make something like this a reality. I believe in you, people of the Internet. Let’s make this real.

Pretty great, right? We have just one bone to pick with the video, Sphero: A nearly two minute video about a remote-controlled killer ball and you couldn’t drop one Rover reference in there? Seriously, folks, that’s just an opportunity left on the table. Other than that, though: Good job, 5 stars, would buy.

(via Indiegogo)

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