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The Ghost of Richard Nixon Thanks Trump on The Simpsons: “I’m now the 44th-best president.”


Content Warning: This video includes a (very brief) depiction of suicide.

(If the above video won’t load in your country, you should hopefully be able to access it through The Simpsons on Twitter.)

The Simpsons followed up their painfully accurate 100-days review of the Trump administration (and even more painfully accurate prediction of the Trump presidency) with a 125-days haunting. On a dark and stormy night in the White House, as Mike Pence is scraping the “Vice” from his “Vice President” nameplate and Jeff Sessions is scampering back into his mouse hole, Trump meets with former FBI Director James Comey in his bedroom. They begin to hear strange sounds, and Comey informs Trump that “sometimes a ghost haunts this room.”

“Lincoln?” asks Trump hopefully.

“Eh, close,” the ghost of Richard Nixon says, appearing at Trump’s bedside.

“Richard Nixon!” Trump shouts.

“I came to thank you, Donald. I’m moving up. Thanks to you, I’m now the 44th-best President. I just have one piece of advice: if you have tapes, burn ’em.”

While Nixon would technically be the 43rd-best if we’re talking people – since Grover Cleveland was both the 22nd and 24th president – I also love the extra jibe of still ranking his presidency definitively below both of Grover’s terms. (Though, c’mon, Andrew Jackson is my once and future frontrunner for worst presidency.)

This isn’t the most biting clip in The Simpsons‘ arsenal, but I’m always happy to see a Matt Groenig Nixon (whether he’s preserved head, ghost, or mech-president) in action.

(Via Deadline; image via screengrab)

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