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The Most Painfully Accurate Review of Trump’s First 100 Days Comes From The Simpsons

I mean, they've already been right about everything else.

The Simpsons, which has continued to live up to the “Simpsons did it!” joke (perhaps due in part to the show’s 600+ episodes), notably “predicted” our current Donald Trump-fueled hellscape, so it only makes sense that the writers would have some thoughts on how the real-world version is going so far.

As Trump’s first 100 days draw to a close—and he goes into a mad dash to see how many horrible things he can “accomplish” before that happens in order to uphold his absurd campaign promises—The Simpsons has released the above promo reviewing what that painfully short yet seemingly eternal span of time has been like. Not only does the short segment cover pretty much all the bases, including the Trump team infighting, the furthering of Trump family brands through the use of the presidency, Trump’s realization that the media rewards him for bombing things, and his tendency not to care about whether or not the things he’s signing actually do anything good, but it nails our own dread at the fact that this has only been a small percentage of what we’re going to have to live through.

Now we just have to wait to see how the real 100 days finishes up, despite Trump’s sudden decision that it’s a ridiculous standard now that it hasn’t gone so well for him. Will he jam through an even worse version of Republicans’ Affordable Care Act repeal? Will he throw everything into chaos by abruptly withdrawing the U.S. from NAFTA to soothe his ego? Will he start a war just because TV reporters love bombs? Will he try to get a court broken up because he doesn’t like its rulings? It’s like Everything Is Awful roulette. You never know!

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