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You Got Through Thanksgiving, So You Deserve Some Supportive and Badass GIFs

Thanksgiving can be an excellent holiday where you spend time with your loved ones, feast to your heart’s content, and reflect on all the many things you’re thankful for. But it can also be an emotionally draining, really rough day for any number of reasons.

So if you got through today after dealing with toxic, tough stuff—whether it’s horrible relatives, tough conversations with conservative family members, enduring a day that celebrates the genocide of your people, working through the holidays, being separated from your family because they’re toxic, or being separated from your family because they’re incarcerated, deported, or detained—know that you are a goddamn champion, and you deserve some supportive and badass GIFs for making your way through today.

You did it.

You are a goddess.

You are a noble and poetic land-mermaid.

Leslie Knope calls Ann, "You poetic and noble land-mermaid"

You are Valkyrie striding down a rainbow bridge.

tessa thompson

You are Captain America tearing a log with your bare hands.

You are Stacker Pentecost, cancelling the apocalypse.

You are Black Widow slaying her foes.

You are Moana charting the seas.

GIF of Moana navigating the ocean

You are Melinda May wasting another henchman.

You are pretty.

You are bitchin’.

Detective Diaz approves of you.

Wakanda salutes you.

All your faves wink at you.

Now get the hell out of there and treat yourself.

(Featured image via NBC)

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