These 17 Actors Were in Multiple Geek Properties, Get Over It

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You might be familiar with this picture of Sir Ian McKellen, sporting a rather fetching red t-shirt with block lettering. You might not (and then again you might) be familiar with the fact that it’s a fake. McKellen was actually sporting a shirt that said “Some People Are Gay. Get Over It,” the slogan of Stonewall, a UK based Gay rights organization; not “I’m Gandalf and Magneto. Get Over It.” When the nerdy photoshopped version hit the internet in 2010 it went viral pretty quickly, despite attempts by many involved to remind people that it was a fake. It seemed the internet was pretty enamored of the idea of an actor brushing the world off with their ability to knit different geek properties together.

And so are we. In that feeling, we present sixteen actors and actresses who can claim to have two, or three, or more major fandom characters under their belts.

But credit where credit is due! Without Stonewall and its eminently viral slogan (unveiled first by John Barrowman, so there’s another fandom connection), we wouldn’t have the idea in the first place. Their donation page is here, and you can find a list of LGBTQ rights charities that may be more local to you here.

We’d add captions naming each actor, but we assume you have the powers of IMDB. Feel free to share all images, but give us credit if you can.

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