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George Santos’ New Cameo Gig Is Off to an Incredible Start

Following his expulsion from Congress last week, George Santos quickly pivoted to a new line of income, selling personalized videos of himself on Cameo. And he already has at least one high-profile customer in Democratic Senator John Fetterman.

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According to the AP, “The price for a personalized video from Santos started at $75 and by Monday evening went as high as $200. He is also selling text messages for $10.” Some of his videos have been making the rounds online (because why would you commission a message from such a terrible human being if not for the explicit purpose of public spectacle?), blowing kisses and advocating the benefits of botox and fillers—processes to which we know he has a deep personal connection.

Instructing recipients to “ignore the haters” is also a common throughline, including in this message to Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt, who has been under attack this year over her opposition to an anti-trans bill in her state.

John Fetterman is trolling hard

Hunt isn’t the only politician to receive one of Santos’ videos. U.S. Senator John Fetterman commissioned a message for fellow Democrat Bob Menendez, who has been indicted on charges of bribery, corruption, and acting as a foreign agent—just to name a few!

Menendez has said he has no plans to resign from Congress, despite the extremely serious charges. So Fetterman turned to a “seasoned expert” to give “Bobby from Jersey” some advice on the matter and posted the video on Twitter for all of us to enjoy.

“Hey Bobby!” Santos starts off. “Uh, look, I don’t think I need to tell you, but these people that want to make you get in trouble and want to kick you out and make you run away, you make them put up or shut up.”

“You stand your ground, sir, and don’t get bogged down by all the haters out there,” he continued, inviting Menendez to follow in his footsteps because that went so well for him. “Stay strong. Merry Christmas.”

Fetterman has not been going easy on Menendez lately. He appeared on The View earlier this week and spoke about the double standard of expelling Santos but not Menendez.

“If you are going to expel Santos, how can you allow somebody like Menendez to remain in the Senate?” Fetterman said on the show. “Santos’ kind of lies were almost funny—like, he landed on the moon and that kind of stuff,” he laughs, noting Menendez’s alleged lies are potentially much more serious.

As for Santos, he quote-tweeted Fetterman’s post, writing, “I love this! I wish I knew the Bobby in question! LOL.”

So he doesn’t know what’s going on or care about the implications of the impact he’s having, but is clearly enjoying the attention. Glad to see nothing’s changed!

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